Award-winning documentaries exploring Science, History, and Civilization.

Experience history, science, nature, and adventure as never before in award-winning documentaries from some of the world’s best filmmakers. XiveTV features an ever-expanding line up of action-packed movies and TV series covering the most popular nonfiction genres: from high quality space and science specials, to great wildlife films; from UFOs and gritty crime stories, to a large bingeable collection of epic War documentaries.

Probe the depths of the oceans, or map the edge of the universe and beyond. Explore the hottest topics across all genres of today’s best documentaries, or dive deep into a particular subject and immerse yourself in what fascinates you. XiveTV’s extensive catalog of series and full-length movies ensures you can explore the topics you find most interesting.

Countless hours of the best documentary programs from around the world! Stunning nature shows, mind-blowing science, astonishing history, and pulse-pounding adventure is just the beginning, and it’s all collected together for the best viewing experience available.
















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